Hilly and Hannah Hindi

The Hillywood Show is a comedy sister duo, created by the sisters Hillary and Hannah Hindi. The looks and styles of The Hillywood Show always changes, to keep up with the pop culture and newest franchises, while keeping the comedy.


Hillywood sm(1)

(From Left to right) Jacob Jost, Hilly Hindi, Kyle Dayton, Hannah Hindi, and Drew Lorentz

The Hillywood Show started when Hillary (Hilly) entered AOL's "Be a Red Star" contest, topping third out of nearly a hundred thousand entries. Although they lost, Hilly moved on, taking the Hillywood Show to greater heights. Now, after fifteen web-episodes and several film parodies, The Hillywood Show is turning into a phenomenon of talent and humor. Now they make big box office films into parodies and upload them on Youtube.

Although, Hilly wasn't alone in the start of their second web-episode. This time she was joined by her older sister, Hannah Hindi. From then on, The Hillywood Show is now the known comedy sister duo, Hilly and Hannah Hindi.

The PopularityEdit

When their Twilight Parody hit the web, they got incredibly popular, with the unstoppable fandom called The Twilight Fandom. They not only earned their popularity with Twilight, but also with their original web-episodes and their Harry Potter sketch and parodies. Although, they didn't always start this popular.

After they won third on AOL's contest, Hilly asked her big sister, Hannah Hindi, to join her in their second web-episode, just like what the fans asked for; another web-episode. That's how they started their popularity.